Sunday, November 21, 2010

Finally, some Maggie-isms

Jack sings: "I went down to the river to play ..."

Between Mom and Jack:
"Is this yarn?"
"Leesha has yarn?!"
"We should get a cat for Leesha's yarn."

Jack to Dad, who is holding his Doctor Who game book:
"D, O or zero, C, T, O or zero, R, W, H, O or zero"

Jack playing with some of his "guys":
"I'm gonna verse him" (it was one guy versus the other)

At lunch:
"Mom, can I have dress-up on my salad?"

Observing the lid on the kiddy potty:
"Look at those frogs. They're upside down."
"Because you're holding that upside down."
Jack turns it around, "Now they're up-side-up!"

After reciting a verse (complete with hand motions): "Firs' Besalonians 1:4"

At the table, site of frequent 'discussions' about eating and not playing/dawdling; "I'm eating and draring." (drawing)

In true Jack form, Maggie utters; "Go pa-ee" (go potty) and starts for the bathroom, then gets waylaid by the letters we've stuck to Jack's bed.

Maggie now knows; "no" (nose, as well as the obvious 'no'), eye, "ees" or "ee-o" (ears). She'll sign please and say "pee". "Dow" (down - indicating she wants to go downstairs).

And, moments ago, Maggie finally figured out how to climb up onto Jack's bed. :>0

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