Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My mom has a stuffed moose that wears a sweater. Every time I pick up the critters at my parents house, the moose is not wearing it's sweater. I asked Jack about it:
"Why do you two always take off the moose's sweater? He's cold."
"No, he's not Mom. God pretecs (protects) him with fur so he doesn't get cold."

We think Maggie refers to herself as "Meemee". The newest word she has is: "sha-wee" (sorry). She likes to babble in the car which drives Jack nuts. Then they get in a shouting match; "No!" "No!" ....

Jack: " Innica(?) Stoy Tor" (Toy Store)
And after the trip to the toy store, he said; "I think our car will find Grandma's hood cap." (Mom lost her hub cap a couple of weeks ago.)

At bathtime, Jack informed me that the hook "contains" his towel.

There's a website that I allow Jack to play on sometimes. He doesn't like it when he is asked to leave the computer, so one time I told him that he would have to be done when the timer went off. The next time; "Mom, can I play a computer game without you setting the timer?"

We stopped at Target for some groceries on our way home. Jack stated; "I don't want to go to Target." I asked why. He said; "I don't like the 'T' sound." Then he sounded it out and said; "I don't like the two 'T' sounds." He did survive the excursion, even managing to amuse some of the other customers.

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