Tuesday, November 2, 2010

There's a whole lot of learning going on

Grandma found some magnetic letters at her house. She had 3 sets, so we took 2. I got them set up on the closet doors (finally, a reason I'm thankful to have metal closet doors). I put some up too high, so Jack (standing on a chair) was pulling them down. One hit him in the eye. Lots of tears. I used the opportunity to buzz his hair and give him a bath before putting him to bed where he could rest. He woke up screaming 2 hours later. Some Tylenol and sleeping with mom got us through the night. When he woke up; "I sure love God healing my eye. I sure love God healing my owies."

As he's getting dressed, with only his undies on; "Mom, Tarzan's like this. He doesn't have any shirts on or pants when it's hot."

Conversation with Everett (who has been working on our bathroom):
Jack: "How's your day?"
Everett: "It's a beautiful day."
"What'd you do?"
"I went to Wisconsin."
"What'd you do there?"
"I have 5 brothers there. They were taking care of their cows."
"We went to the apple orchard and there were animals there."

Later, Everett said: "I love you guys!"

Singing: "I may never march in th interest free, ride in the gallery ..."

We had crunchy noodles with dinner. Jack was the one who discovered some of them looked like the letters he's learning. A child friendly dinner game. I swear Maggie is starting to say random letters and sounds too.

After picking Leesha up from her Wednesday night at church, he was singing. This bothered Leesha. She repeatedly asked/told him to stop. Jack: "I need to keep singing because I have a lot of elasticity." and later: "I have no idea to stop."

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