Monday, January 3, 2011


Shortly after having the doors closed at bedtime ...
"Somebody's talking in here. (pause) Maggie's talking in here."

We think Maggie is calling Leesha "'Sha". I suspect Jack is "Daa".

I gave her a bath today and was trying to dry her off. She kept saying; "Da-ee". I think she wanted Dad to dry her off. While he was taking a nap, she kept saying; "A-sho-Da-ee" (I want to show Daddy.) She didn't have anything to show him, but must have missed him on this, his first day back at work for 10 days or so.

"Judle" is Jack's imaginary friend. Judle isn't always nice to Jack. Jack was telling me about their last encounter at bedtime. Apparently, they play at Judle's house. I asked how Jack got there since we didn't go anywhere that day. I guess he drives our van over there. (Maybe I should mention that to our insurance agent. Then again, maybe not...)

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