Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Broken heart

"Jack, I'd like you to eat another piece of chicken. Would you do that?"
"Why not?"
"The chicken makes my teeth chubbery."
simultaneously, Leesha and I ask; "What does 'chubbery' mean?"
"It means, it makes my teeth hurt."

Maggie: "A-bu-nyum" (I want butter on 'em.)

Jack spent several hours playing with play dough. I molded them into some animals. He took the green dog and shoved it back in the container, then asked where it was. He asked me to get it out. I pulled the whole glob out and gave it to him. He then wanted me to make another dog. I worked on it and handed him the new dog. A few minutes later, he noted that the head was falling apart. We told him that's what happens. Dough dries out and then crumbles. Jack's response: he crumpled down in his chair and started sobbing. Jeffry and I found this amusing.

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