Thursday, January 27, 2011


I subbed at the High School down the street a couple of weeks ago and learned that the FACS department was hosting a preschool. I was able to get Jack signed up for it. $35 for 3 days a week for 4 weeks. Not a bad deal.
Picking him up the first morning, I noticed he was the only boy. The next time he went, I think there was another boy. Today, I asked him about it on our way in. He told me that the boy was Grant. He went on to explain; "There's two Grants. One Bible Study Grant and the High School Grant."
Leesha was asking him about Preschool at dinner. He said; "There are a lot of girls and a Grant and a me. Grant who lives at the high school."

Jack sometimes gets to play games on the computer. When anyone is on the computer, others want to watch. Jack was playing a game. Maggie came over to "us grown ups" at the table trying to communicate something. Leesha asked her; "Maggie, do you want to see what Jack is doing?" Maggie grinned, nodded vigorously and said; "Seee!"
After dinner, she got a couple of M&M's. Not too much later, she was playing with Jack's little cars, which he wasn't happy about. I suggested to her that we go find some other cars and started walking through the kitchen with her. She stopped at the cupboard with the M&M's and pointed to it. I asked; "Do you want another M&M?" Grin, nod, and then, a little jig when I started getting them out. I keep asking myself what I'm going to do when I don't have such a little one around.

Regarding stealing a chunk of kielbasa waiting for the grill before dinner; "I couldn't get your permission because you were outside."

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