Thursday, January 13, 2011


Apparently, Jack's caterpillar pull toy is his "darling".

He "really" had to take his sucker out of his mouth because he "really" had to talk.

Maggie was saying; "Tuh" (truck). She says "sawwy" and gives kisses.

Jack came to me one morning and asked; "Mom, can I say hi to Jo?" I figured our neighbor was outside and he'd seen her through the window, so I opened the door and let him say "hi" to her. How sweet.

While I was dealing with a cold, I read Jack a story in a gruff, frog-in-my-throat voice. Jack stopped me and said; "Mom, go like this. (he cleared his throat). Ha!

Assembling dirty dishes after dinner, I asked; "Jack, do you have any other dishes anywhere?"
"Yes Mom."
"In the cupboard."
"No, I mean used dishes."
Jack gets the stepstool, opens the cupboard and says; "There they are!"

Maggie says "he" (help) and "huh?"

Jack recites letters, their sounds and words associated with them. "N, nnn, needle." Maggie: "Neeno."

Jack: "Mom, let me show you how to fall and not get hurt as he's putting his head and shoulders into his pillowcase. He then falls ... on his face ... with his pillow over him. Fail.

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