Monday, March 2, 2009

Age-old bedtime shenanigans

"Toto" or "Baby M" finally allowed Daddy to feel him/her kicking on Sunday morning.

I just had to tell Jack to: "Let go of Hazel's ear." He repeated; "Let go Hazo ear."

Last night, he wasn't tired when we put him down to bed, so he stayed up chatting for a while. When we were done watching Battlestar, I came upstairs where I was able to hear what he was saying. He was saying; "Blankie back." (I want my blanket on my back.) Once that was done, he said; "More wader." (More water.) I went to fill his cup in the bathroom and he said; "More wader kitchen." Apparently, not just any water will do. From my first sentence, you can guess we're dog-sitting Hazelnut for our friends the Browns. Jack has been toddling around saying; "Hazo" and "Hazo-nut". When we got the water situation figured out last night, she laid down on his rug and he kept saying; "'Night Hazo" as though he were expecting her to respond. When I'd laid him down, he'd had one of our combs. He dropped it out of the crib and later informed me; "Doppa comb."

This morning, when I woke him up, I asked him if he remembered where he was going today. His response: "Keane house." I took him over to our friend Eric's house where he gets to play with his buddy Keane. I was highly impressed that he remembered me telling him that last night.

As we drive now, we'll point out things like; "Big truck" or "Big yellow school bus". Jack was saying; "'Lello 'coo' buth" this morning on our drive. I find myself wanting to point those things out even when Jack is not in the car.

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