Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Frills, "because"

We got to spend a little time with Grandpa Steve and Grandma Holly on Saturday when they arrived to see Smith. Then the kids and I got to spend some time with them again today. We met at Rosedale in the kids play area. Leesha made a bee-line for the automated rides and paid for Jack to ride one. (I on the other hand, didn't care if he ever knew they were rides and not simply stationary toys to climb on.) As he was "driving" he was watching a small screen of a race or something. A couple of times, he looked very concerned and said; "Oh no!" I'm guessing there was a scene of an accident.

His word for today was; "because".

I finally gave Jack another haircut today. He looks so sharp when it's freshly cut.

I finally got the kids singing "Jesus Loves Me" on the camera. Keep checking posts for it.

Jack has a growing frustration with my growing belly encroaching on my lap. He sat down rather hard on my belly the other day. I think Toto gave it back to him by kicking when he was sitting with me moments later.

Leesha got an ant farm today. It uses gel so you can't mess with the ants by shaking it and destroying their world. She's very excited. I'll likely have to go online and order the ants tomorrow - hope I have the energy.

I'm biting (not eating) my words about a minivan. I've long said I will only buy a minivan by choice and now I'm making that choice. I had Keane on Monday and realized that if we went with the bigger SUV to accommodate all the butts in our house comfortably, that I'd be trying to maneuver carseats and kids into the third row seat if I do any babysitting. Therefore, I think it will be a van. Now how do we figure out financing and all of that? I'm getting rather stressed about adding this 5th member. Excited, yes, but stressed as well. We've got to find a new vehicle, figure out financing of the new vehicle, try to get rid of the old Jeep, fix up some stuff around the house and of course, the fun preparations - packing the suitcase, making the lovies, blankets, etc. Oy!

On the page of excitement, we stopped in at The Children's Place on our way out of Rosedale. They had a cute green jumper and white onesie, so I got it for "Margaret" - or rather, Grandma Holly got it for Margaret. I think it's adorable. With Leesha, I respected Jeremy's desire not to put her in frilly things. I'm not going to do the same with Jeffry - frills it is BUT ONLY if we have a girl. Aunties, Grandmas - have fun!

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