Saturday, March 28, 2009

Venting and update

I apologize to those that keep looking to find news of our family, and have been disappointed. Approaching the 6 month mark of this pregnancy, I'm getting to the point where I can't do all I did before, and yet am expected (by myself and others, but mostly myself) to be able to do all that I've been doing.

A moment to vent on my own thoughts before I share some of the joys around our house. I'm nesting! I have a list of stuff I would like to have done before the baby arrives. It includes fixing some stuff around the house - replacing moldy drywall in our bathroom, filling in the holes in our wall and floor, putting carpet on the stairs so that if any of us ever falls on them, we won't be quite as hurt, trying to re-wire our circuit box to allow for some outlets in the basement, etc. Trying to find people with the know-how and time to help with that is taking up some time.

We also need a bigger vehicle, so we've narrowed it down to a Toyota Sienna. I didn't want to ever NEED to buy a van, I wanted to chose it if it ever came to that. This is choice. When I babysat our friend's little guy the other day, I realized it will be so much easier to accommodate 3 carseats (when necessary) in a van versus the whopper SUV. Who enjoys used car shopping when they're not as car-minded as some? Thankfully, a friend of Jeffry's at work has offered to look for us which is a huge relief. Now to be able to find one for what we think we'll be able to afford that will be safe and reliable.

We also should get some work done on our CRV which is never cheap. So little time, limited resources, how do we decide?

So, there's my venting ... Now some highlights ...

Jeffry went through some of the CD's stacked on our conference table
I found a freezer and it fit in the back of the CRV, Jeffry took it out one morning before he left for work, and we got it into the basement that same evening.
Mom was willing to watch Jack all day on Monday when I only needed to work a half day, so I was able to get some errands done without the extra considerations of putting Jack in his carseat, getting him out and trying to keep him dry in the rain.
"Toto/Baby "M" is busy! How fun to roll over in the night and feel those little kicks reminding you that someone new is coming.
Pricing out projects at Menards tonight wasn't as expensive as I'd thought it would be. Our largest cost will be the tub surround to replace our seafoam green plastic tiles around the tub.
We're all healthy again!

Now for the family,
Jack has moved towards sentences. He will say things like; "Happen a wader" (what happened to/with the water?) He's also taken to screaming. Whether its because that is Keane's first line of defense against Jack, because it seems to get mom's attention when Leesha is not listening to his protests, so mom steps in, or it's just a phase, who knows? Regardless, screaming = annoying. So, the age old phrase of; "Jack, please use your words" comes up frequently.

Leesha is busy working on a project for Government. Today, that meant that one of her friends from school came over to the house for a little while. They finished their poster and had some time to play.

During Gym class yesterday, she decided to run backwards and fell down. She's got a sore backside.

Jack has learned how to open doors. Yay! (without enthusiasm) I'll have to get some of the doorknob covers.

Both kids are loving the (slightly) warmer weather and want to be outside more. It's nice that Leesha's old enough to be trusted in the yard herself. We have a ways to go to reach that point with Jack.

Jack is starting to seem irritated by unclean diapers, and can alert us to the fact that he's done "something". Is it time to start training him? Is that something I want to take on now? I'm going to give cloth diapers a shot again for this purpose. Thank goodness for the feeling of "wet". He may just surprise us and do it all on his own. I suppose I'll have to get one of those little toilet seats too. Where's my shopping list?
Later in the day: (noon to be exact) feeling of "wet" not successful at the extra push to get him to use the potty - at least for today.

I'm tired and sore. I'm going to call it quits for the day. Hope you enjoyed the venting and update.

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