Thursday, March 12, 2009

I can't do this anymore

As I leaned over the gate at the top of our stairs the other night to put some shoes on the steps, I groaned; "I can't do this anymore." Jeffry asked; "What?" I replied; "Lean over the gate."

Jack's phrase of the week; "Leesha share!" I think he's picked up the word when playing with Keane. Unfortunately, he has not grasped the meaning yet. To him, it can mean; "Leave me alone." "Get out of my space." "Give it back to me." As well as other similar meanings boiling down to; "I want it my way."

Another thing he's picked up while with Keane; "Pee wew" which translates to "pee-yew". That's what Eric says when he changes Jack's dirty diapers. I asked if Eric says that, so now he informs us; "E'ic says pee wew."

He also says "C'ib" for crib.

While with Gramma Darlene today, he fell down and bonked his head. Apparently, he went to the door looking for me to kiss it. Awww....

We've been quizing him on Grampa's being gone, asking him where Grampa is. He'll respond; "In'ia" (India). We'll ask what he might see and he'll say; "E'fin. Giger." (elephants, tigers). And Leesha taught him to say; "P'ay" (pray) when asked what Grampa is going to do there.

We have a new nephew as of last night at 10:15pm. Smith Thomas Willis. I was excited about working on his pillow and lovies today, but forgot some of the fabric and was therefore unable to do the work I was hoping to do.

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