Saturday, March 21, 2009


Jack was trying to recite; "This Little Piggy" the other day. I should have remembered how he was saying it. Of course it always ends with; "Wee wee home."

He's got a Little People pig that looks like it's sitting in mud. He calls it; "Messy pig" or "Doody pig" (dirty pig).

Leesha loves to take him outside and go for short walks. Jack loves it too.

Leesha's friend from a few houses away is over for the night. I hope they have fun and that Leesha is a good enough host to ensure Brittany's friendship in the future.

Jeffry and I were having dessert in the kitchen moments ago and Jack pulled out his Little People snowman and high chair. He insisted that the "'No-man" get "ka-kit" (see below) and "i-keem".

"Dissin" = dancing
"Keeker" = stinker and sticker
"Guck" = stuck
"Ka-kit" = chocolate (guess who taught him that one? : >))
"I-keem" = ice cream

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