Monday, March 30, 2009

m&m's and more

This morning, after dropping Leesha off at school, I was watching Jack through the rear-view mirror. He was making noises and sticking his fingers in his ears. He realized that it sounded different when his fingers were in his ears than it did when his fingers were not in his ears. Interesting to watch.
I picked up some potty training supplies today - the little seat that goes on ours, training underwear, m&m's. This afternoon, when we got home, I showed him how the seat goes on ours, and let him try it out. Leesha asked if he wanted to watch his video, which we'd gotten as part of a white elephant gift at Christmas. He wanted to, so they're watching it. It's more information for parents, so I guess Leesha will be all clued in now.
Yesterday, I decided to try transferring the video of Toto's ultrasound onto the tape we have with Jack on it. Just to get to the right spot on the video, I watched what footage we had of Jack. It was his first few moments of life. How precious! And to think we get to go through it all again. Life in itself was too much of a whirlwind with Leesha that I don't remember her birth as well as Jack's. I wish I had a video of that time, but also realize nobody was there to tape it.
The other day, I showed Jack the small photo album we have with his pictures. He liked it so much we had to look through it again.
Well, I finally got some of Dad's video footage transfered to a tape, and just at the end of it, Jack said; "Poopin'". I asked if he wanted to go on the potty and he said yes. Sat him down, and he went! He got m&m's for the puddle he created on the floor while sitting on the potty. Good boy!
At dinner, Leesha finished her food and got to have the dessert of her choice which was miniature Oreo's. Jack kept saying; "Wa' some!" (I want some.) So, we told him that he had to finish his food, then he could have some. He did! I think that's the first time he's gotten the concept of; first finish this, then you can have that.
Now, three times on the potty and 2 miniature Oreo's later, we have a very cute little guy running around the house like he's had some sugar.
8:30pm - the kids are in bed, I'll stop now.

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