Monday, April 20, 2009

Nothing much

It was a busy weekend, and my computer only likes to stay online for so long now, so there haven't been any posts for a while.
A few highlights:
Last week, we had Keane over on Wednesday. The boys had a lot of fun with our "play yard" (6 plastic gates hinged together to create a "safe space") inside the house. I'd put it up to protect the "mudding" where we're repairing a wall. I was intending it to keep them from stealing one anothers toys, but it then became the toy to scream over.
On Thursday, Jack and I spent time with friends from Small Group down at the park by our house. Jeanelle brought Josiah and the 4 of us walked to the park. Jack was actually very considerate of Josiah (our Godson, who turns 1 in June). It was nice to see him not being a bully for once. Emily, Tim and Susanna met us at the park where the kids explored and played. Jack ventured up to the parking lot and I had to run get him. After that little jog, I am even more amazed about the woman who apparently ran a marathon shortly before giving birth. Of course, I could see a marathon perhaps inducing labor. Let's hope I don't have to try that trick!
On Friday, Jack was with Grandpa David and Grandma "Darling". They walked outside, then returned home where Jack fell asleep on the carpet. He had a fever that day but was a trooper while I ran errands to Target for diapers, etc. and then to Menards for supplies for our project day on the 25th. "Trooper-ness" ended when we got home and he had a meltdown over dinner, but did eat all his "beggies" (veggies).
He had his moments over the weekend where he was his usual happy self, and then crabby boy. We're not sure if it's teething and allergies, a cold, or what.
Today, (Monday) he's playing with Keane and "Uncle"Eric. I'm sure he'll have a lot of fun, then be exhausted tonight. Hopefully he'll nap well and then go to bed early since we have a busy week.

Leesha is thrilled about the warmer weather and wanted to get some new clothes. We went to a couple of stores on Thursday, but didn't find anything. I had her try on some shorts in the Juniors department - they were too small! Am I ready for this? I was able to get her some larger sizes on Friday and drop them off with her since she spent the weekend with her dad. She has such great coloring, that it was a lot of fun to pick out those bright colors (lime, orange, turquoise, yellow) for her. When we saw her at church yesterday, she was even wearing one of the shirts I picked out! I was flattered, because she sometimes hasn't wanted to wear things I've picked out for her.

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