Monday, April 13, 2009

A moment ago, Jack was mumbling something and like I usually do when I'm not entirely sure of what he's saying, I said things like; "Oh! Do you think so?" and "Really?" Well, I figured out what he was saying ... "Bi' ai'p'ane, li'l ai'p'ane." He has the regular sized Little People airplane and the miniature one from McDonalds. He was telling me he had a big airplane and a little airplane. Guess I never really thought he understood the big and little concept.

After that, I had to show him that he had a big yellow school bus and a little yellow school bus as well as a big car and little car.

He's having a lot of fun pushing his cars around now. A newer fascination. This was evident on Saturday when I got a bee in my bonnet to clean the garage (it looks great!) and Leesha pulled out his Tonka truck (remember the one from his baby pictures where he was sitting in it?). He had so much fun playing out in the yard with his truck, all our balls and his recently filled sand turtle. He was sorely disappointed when I had him park his truck in the garage before lunch.

I've been thankful for some time to work on a quilt should we have a girl baby M. I can hardly wait to see how it turns out before I work on the boy quilt and lovies. Okay, so there's a tad of shopping I get to do before I work on the boy stuff too. I'm also looking forward to that.

Jeffry was scheduled to do lights at church this weekend, but got out of it, so we were able to enjoy a real date - dinner out, a drive and short walk. Well, for Jeffry it was a walk. For me it can only be considered a waddle now.

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