Friday, April 3, 2009


Okay, I should really be attending to the vile smelling diaper, but I wanted to get some of these things down before I forget ...
"Missed it" I assume this is from me saying, "I missed it" when he talks about various vehicles on the roads.
"Chloe share toy"
"nigh nigh seepers" (how we say "night, night sleepers" for time to go to sleep)
"da'bage twuchk, twash" (Garbage truck, trash)
"Lola blue Jeep, not green Jeep"
"Daddy g'een Jeep"
"banana mouse"
"banana stuck"
G'night Zoo-bee-keeper"
"My lap" (I want to sit in your lap)
"Oh sat" (no, we don't say Oh S... around the house)
"were?" (where)
"Good boy. Listener."
"Oh no. Big mess. Naughty boy."
"Mama Hana (Honda). Jack Hana."

Jack has also started parroting much of what we say, which is mildly amusing and will likely someday be irritating.

I think he's tired of being at home since he hasn't been at Grandma and Grandpa's for the day for almost 2 weeks. He's started getting into things a lot more and isn't really listening to us saying; "No." Unfortunately, today that meant several tumbles and tears that otherwise could have been avoided.

Jeffry will take him out to check the mail. When they get to the bottom of the driveway, Jeffry will say something like; "Look left. Look right. No cars. We can cross." Jack will repeat parts of that throughout the day.

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