Wednesday, April 29, 2009


On our way home today, Jack said to Keane; "High five." and they reached out and touched hands.

When we were back in the house, he said; "C'mon, let's go play."

The other day, I moved some recently assembled shelves in our basement. Jack was having a lot of fun climbing around on the bottom of them when he managed to get his leg between the shelf and the wardrobe, then swing his leg around so it was under the wardrobe. He simply said something along the lines of; "Mommy, 'tuck. He'p p'ease." No screaming, crying or anything. I don't think he was hurting at all and it wasn't difficult to get him out, but he was just so cool about it.

Not long before, Jeffry and I had been assembling the shelves and in a moment of frustration, Jeffry said a word he shouldn't have said around our little parrot. Jack picked up on it and repeated it several times. I laughed but not out loud. Jeffry on the other hand laughed out loud. Fortunately, Jack has not repeated it since - that I know of.

We're on the countdown to the musical at school. Longer, later, further rehearsals - ick!

Leesha said her speach; "The Doctor" on Monday and received an excellent and two superior ratings.

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