Friday, April 10, 2009

Animal crackers and fish

One of Jack's new things is "wa'king". He likes to walk to the car or door all on his own. When he did this yesterday, he took a bit of a detour. When I caught him, he said; "'tinker" (stinker)

He also likes to ask for "he'p p'ease" and for us to "fis it" (fix it).

This morning, Jeffry was home, so he watched Jack while I went to see the midwife. As I was leaving, I said; "I love you Jack." He replied; "I love you too Mommy." Awwww.

With his potty training, he's been getting m&m's when he uses the potty. Unfortunately, in his great 19month old wisdom, he savors them, therefore leaving chocolate and candy-coating smudges on clothes, hands, etc. When I stopped at Trader Joe's to get Jeffry's rice milk, I bought some animal crackers to use as treats instead. He calls them; "Am-i-li-mal (animal) c'ackers".

The boys played outside while I was gone. Jeffry was burning our "sensitive materials" (receipts with our card numbers on them, etc.) Jack was picking up pinecones and running around in his (formerly) white socks. I'm sure it was great boy fun. Too bad that at some point during all the outside fun Jack relieved himself of part of the plethora of grapes he ate while we were at the grocery store yesterday and got himself a good diaper rash. Poor little guy - I could tell he really hurt when I gave him the second bath of the day figuring that would be less painful than the wipes.

Leesha spent the night with Grandma Darlene and Grandpa David. They went to lunch with an old family friend. Now they're on their way to bring her home and supposedly bringing a new member of Leesha's fish family. Hopefully this will revive the interest in the fish tank enough to make sure mom's not asking when she last changed their water. Although, the fish have surprisingly survived almost a year.

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