Monday, March 29, 2010

Just some snippets from our trip to St. Louis and back home again

In an effort to get Jack to stop playing with his trucks and go to bed, I told him the toys needed to rest, because they were tired. His rebuttal; "But they don't have so many eyes." (In other words, how are they going to sleep without eyes?')

On Tuesday of our visit, we went to Faust park where Jack played and played on the playground equipment. Maggie soaked in everything and enjoyed some time in the swing with lots of giggles. Leesha enjoyed herself by playing with the little ones.
Jack found a big boy playing with a handheld video game under a slide and hung out watching him for a few minutes, mimicking the older boy by pushing his finger or sticks through the holes in the playground floor. Later, a girl named Cecelia decided to play with him. In talking to her dad, we discovered that she and Jack share a birthday, but she was 2 years older.
Back at Grandma and Grandpa's, we had one very tired little guy on our hands. I told him I'd read "The Little Engine That Could" to him before rest time. His response; "I don' wan' to read "Little Engine That Could". I wanna stay 'wake."

During "Poop Time", Grandpa Steve was reading him his new books. After Grandpa explained that caring was sharing time with someone, Jack said something like; "But we have pumkins." (huh?)
Once he was done with "poop time", Grandpa asked if he could wipe him, Grandpa will have to help with the details, but I believe Jack said; "Yes, but only if you use this toilet paper." And then, "Don't make fun of my butt."

On our way home, I overheard a new version of an old classic;
"Father Abraham an' so are you. So let's just praise the Lord. Right arm, left arm..."
Jack also said; "Mom's a naughty woman and you're a naughty boy 'cause you ate all the donuts."
And later; "Dad, can we listen to "We will, we will, we will, we will rock you"?"

Jack didn't want to nap. I told him he needed to give me his lovey if he didn't want to nap. He went and found it and brought it to me. He'd been crying about having to nap and decided he needed just a bit more love from his lovey, so he wiped his face with it. After that, he announced; "I made myself glad!"

At dinner since we've been home, he mentioned that his thumb was stinging. Where did he learn what "stings" means?

I put Jack's sipy cup of milk on the top stair and pointed out that it was there. He said; "I'm coming." as he went and picked it up. When he had it and was heading back downstairs, he said; "Now I'm going."

Another new quotable; "Huh?"

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