Friday, October 29, 2010

Momma's uh-oh

In the car: "Mom, that van doesn't have Minnesota (I didn't catch the last word)." I looked around us, and there was a van with dealer plates vs. Minnesota plates. He was correct, it didn't have MN plates.

Playing with Leesha: "Let me won now" and "It's my turn to won now." Because she kept saying; "I won."

"Mom, Maggie did make muckers!" as she's standing and allowing him to look into the back of her diaper.

Maggie was sifting through our Little People toys saying; "Buppy!".
Jack very nicely says; "No Maggie, no puppies."
I say; "That's right Jack, we don't have any Little People puppies, do we?" Then realizing, I'd had a lot of "p's" in that sentence, I suggest it might be onomatopoeia. "Jack, look at me. That was onomatopoeia."
Jack: "Onomota-people-puppies."
(I had to look up how to spell onomatopoeia and realized I should have taught Jack "alliteration" instead. Oops!)

Out of bed,
"Mom, my back itches and I can't reach the itch/can't reach to scratch it."
Back scratching .... going back to bed
"I'm still gonna be itchy this afternoon."
Back to the kitchen ...
"You know what Mom, I love you. (walking back to his bedroom) I love myself too."

"Mom, is there big money at Menards?"

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