Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This one is for Daddy

Friday night, I sewed up the sleeve of Maggie's sleep sack so she can't suck her thumb. During the day, she wears her "thumb things" which cover her left thumb. She also lost her suckers. Poor kiddo. Friday night, she cried 30-45 minutes. Saturday, she only cried about 15, but hadn't napped, so was likely VERY tired. The last couple of nights have been mostly uneventful. I haven't even tried putting her down for a nap, but she has fallen asleep in the car. Yesterday, she fell asleep in the car with some tears which seemed to be partially due to her frustration that she can't access her beloved thumb.
I figured I'd try to get her to nap today. Since I put her down for her nap in our room, I often give her Jeffry's blanket as a comfort item (because it smells like him).
So, I just put her down for a nap. She said; "Nigh'." then stood up and pointed to our bed. I asked her if she wanted Daddy's blanket. "Da-ee ba-e". I grabbed the blanket and when she saw it, she dove for the mattress, and started to get all nestled in, just waiting for the blanket.

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