Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Animated Aardvark

Jack: "Mom, I'm reading a story about Superman and the four bears. Two good bears and two bad bears. Superman's gonna put the bad bears in the super trash."

Maggie says "buh" (button), "be-aw" (bear), Abby, "outer" (Arthur - from PBS), toot (sarcastic hooray with that one), "tup" (cup), "mow" (milk), "tsu" (juice), and I think I heard "mon-ey" (monkey).

Just about every weekday afternoon at 4:30, Leesha takes both kids downstairs to watch Arthur on PBS. She'll ask what time it is, and both babies run for the stairs, excitedly stating "Arthur!" Although Maggie's comes out more like "Outer" with a very quiet "r".
Maggie has had a harder time falling asleep without her pacifier or thumb, so will often cry and call out for us. After repeated attempts for "Mommeee", "Mom", "Daddy" and "Eesha", she opted for the animated aardvark from TV and started calling for "Outer".

Jack and I had a conversation the other day that went something like this:
Jack, meet me in the bathroom so I can wash your hands.
Because there's a sink in there.
It's a good place for a sink.
But there's a sink in the kitchen.
I want to use the sink in the bathroom
Because it's shorter.
Because it's not as tall.
Because it's shorter.

"Mom, what does 'it's not fair' mean? Should I have taken the opportunity to lie outright to him?

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