Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I did some flashcards with Jack - addition facts for "0" and "1". He prefers I tell a "story" with them. Later, when putting socks on Maggie, Jack informs us; "Socks are for warm feet." Moments after that, he says; "Mom, if I have zero socks, and you give me one, I'll have a cold foot!"

Maggie has started saying; "Me, me." Which I think translates into "Look at me!" I just heard her say; "Watch." as she dropped a block. Hmmm....
She's learned "boot" and "mi'en" (mitten), "b'ankie" (blankie), "moomie" (movie), "batee" (broccoli), "Daa" (Jack), "Ee-ah" (Leesha), "buh-ee" (birdie), home, and shoe.

Jack is just getting the hang of accents. He was singing a song he made up the other day; "I love Clifford, yes I do."

Preparing to leave the mall and go out in the cold, we stopped in the bathroom. I told him to pull up his pants, he asked; "Why?" I replied; "Because it's cold, cold, cold outside." "Why is it cold, cold, cold outside?" "I don't know, you'll have to ask Jesus." (to Jesus) "Jesus, why is it cold, cold, cold?"

"Mom, I have to admit something." "What do you have to admit?" "This can't get to this part." (playing with the rings we use to keep the cupboards closed)

"Mom, at Eric's house, I was cutting the floor!" "Did Eric say you were 'cutting a rug' when you were dancing?" "Yeah!" (then he went on to explain that if they cut through the floor, they'd go down in the basement)

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