Sunday, February 20, 2011

2010 Newsish letter

2010 Newsletter

Jeffry, Cara, Leesha, Jack and Maggie Mae
473 Granada Ave. N. Oakdale, MN 55128

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Some highlights of our year:
Notable movies at least one of us saw: Avatar, The Book of Eli, Ponyo, Prince Caspian, Monster’s Inc., Iron Man 2, The Proposal.
Cara worked a full week, as well as summer school and the babies survived a myraid of sitters.
We sold the Jeep, bought a 4 Runner, and sold that too. Selling the 4 Runner left Jack dejected.
Spent time with Cara’s brother and his family before their return to Kenya.
Enjoyed time with nearby and extended family, friends and neighbors.
Valentine’s Day party hosted by Monarch (Jeffry’s employer).
Meatless March! Which led to another blog ….
Bathroom modifications (still in progress....)
Trip to St. Louis, and visits from St. Louis family.
Leesha’s 12th, Maggie’s 1st, Jack’s 3rd and Cara and Jeffry’s 30+ birthdays.
Family photo shoot.
BIG snowstorm and spontaneous weekend with Jeffry’s whole family.

Cara’s parents spend a couple of days a week watching Jack and Maggie. We love having them close enough to get together with ease. They’ve
done some short term mission trips.

Craig and his family moved their entire ministry to a new location in Kenya and are pleased with how things are going.

Caryn and family still live in Thailand. They stay busy travelling when they’re not teaching or doing extra-curricular activities.

Jeffry’s Grandma lives on her own with Steve and Holly nearby. How blessed we are to spend as much time with them as we do.

Greg and family are enjoying their new house and jobs.

We stay busy as any family of 5 cannot help doing. Jeffry continues to get more responsibilities at Monarch. We’re thankful he’s overemployed, not underemployed. Cara works just as much, but doesn’t get paid for all her hours. Leesha made the B honor roll 1st Trimester and enjoys school. She still does stuff with her siblings too. Jack keeps us on our toes. He’s trying to read everything. Maggie is a little doll, bringing smiles everywhere she goes. Our lives are full. We are blessed - and part of that is because we know you.

Have a terrific year!

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