Saturday, January 10, 2009

Evil Eye

Leesha is with her dad this weekend. She was supposed to have her friend over for the night last night. This friend had gone to school with her until just about a year ago and Leesha has really missed her. I'm hoping they had a really good time together.

Moments ago, I was feeding Jack some yogurt. Since he does not like food on his face now, I thought I'd be funny and smear some of the yogurt by his mouth. He didn't think that seemed right, but when I cleaned it off and laughed about it, I swear he gave me the evil eye.
He's continuing to be fascinated with animals (a good Sorley descendant), learning "dolphin" and "'lope" (antelope) recently.
Earlier today, I told him to be careful while he was standing on the toilet lid while I did stuff at the sink. He repeated; "careful".
This morning, he was watching the lights on his stacking toy as they blinked on and off. His head was bobbing up and down like a dog does when you wave a treat in front of them. Jeffry had made an interesting sound effect on the same toy this morning by patting the speaker. Jack has learned to do the same thing. Amazing ....
It was so heartbreaking to see him lose weight while he was sick, but I think he's more than made up for it in these last few days with all that he's eating. It's getting harder to lift him up.
Yesterday, his friend Keane came over for a little bit. I was telling him that Keane was coming over and Jack was saying; "Hi Keane" until (of course) he got here, then Jack was as quiet as a mouse.

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