Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year

I guess I stayed pretty caught up with Jack's vocabulary since he's basically been sucking on his pacifier for the last 6 days. We did however hear "Bible" and coax "Jesus" and "Mary" out of him.

So, like Jeffry has already commented, Jack got sick about 1:30 on Sunday afternoon and threw up most recently yesterday afternoon at about 3:30. It's tough to see your little guy so sick.

Then, Leesha decided to bring in the New Year in the same fashion as Jack. Fortunately, she was really good about taking care of herself and I didn't fear for her getting dehydrated too quickly.

Jeffry seems to have something else which has kept him in bed most of the day today.

I have experienced nothing besides the usual tiredness and nausea associated with pregnancy.

With all the illness going around, we had a perfectly lazy day. I even took a couple of naps while spending most of the day sitting in my recliner.

If I could have worked on Christmas day to have a well family, I would have done that. Although, I do realize this is NOTHING compared to what some families face with long illnesses. I am counting the blessings of good (and healthy) times with both extended and nuclear family over our vacation, and that nobody is any worse than they were or are.

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