Thursday, January 15, 2009


This seemed so much easier when it was a new and novel idea .... Sorry to those of you who keep checking it in vain.
Some blurbs about the recent days ...
I caught Jack on video saying "calculator and alligator" (okay, alligator comes out as agilator - still, very cute).
Today he said; "dinosaur".
On Tuesday, we did a white elephant gift exchange with our small group. I (Cara) got an "easy" button from Staples. Jack just loves it. He calls it his "dizzy button" and now says "that easy" once it's done saying; "that was easy"
He is doing a marvelous job with a spoon and fork when given the chance. Cottage cheese was a bit messy, but otherwise, he's very clean. We know he's done with his food when he puts his plate on his head and says "hat" (I'm not sure if that is supposed to be "head" or "hat").
With our COLD snap, I've been putting socks on his "hannies" (hands) due to a lack of mittens that work. At least a couple of times, he's taken the socks off his feet and tried to put them on his hands. He's only capable of putting one on a hand. Still, cute.
He and I braved the COLD today and went to Trader Joe's. When we went in, a woman was inflating balloons. He noted this and started saying "ball" or "bloon", so she came over and gave him one. There were very few other customers, so he could be heard throughout the store laughing gleefully about his balloon.
Leesha is working on homework tonight. Looking forward to a week of only 2 days of school next week in addition to turning 11. She is hoping to get money towards the purchase of a violin. She hopes to take lessons.

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