Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jack's words for today included: "Bless you", "banana" (vs. 'nana), "Leesha" (vs. "Ee-ah")."pock-ee" (pocket),

Recent words include: hippo (sounds a lot like apple), rhino, mouse, mice, rice, "o'trich" (ostrich), "vu'ture" (vulture), "bu'dee (bird-y), "'noman" (snowman),

I might just as well keep this open all day and just record Jack's antics.
Only a moment ago, he was busy re-locating his critters from their comfy laundry basket in his room to the floor in front of the fridge. He said; "'Night Pooh" and then, "Pooh hug" before proceeding to give his Pooh bear a hug . Now he's moving his animals from the kitchen shelf to the floor in front of the fridge. What will I do when I can't see around my belly and start tripping on all his toys in my kitchen?

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