Friday, January 30, 2009

Jack has a little bit of Mommy in him - he has to tuck the bags in the kitchen cupboard in so they don't stick out when he closes the cupboard, he has to straighten the rug (when he's not moving it by dragging his toys around)

Today, Jack was standing near Jeffry in the kitchen and said to me; "What doing, Mommy?"

After dinner tonight, Leesha pulled her hat down over her eyes and Jack said; "Where's Leesha? Peek Boo."

When someone passed gas near him tonight, he said; "Poopin'".

More recent words:
"di-waff"= giraffe
"dow tares" = downstairs
"Miss lippy/Mid-iffy" = Mississippi
"Tin Tin" = Tin Tin
David Bowie
"gouch" = couch
"le-pert" = leopard
"cup-pert" = cupboard
"kit-en" = kitchen
"'pider" = spider

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