Saturday, January 24, 2009

Running commentary for Saturday .....

Phrase for this morning: "okay".
Phrase for yesterday: "hey mom".

Jack just looked at one of his Clifford books where there is the phrase "many more ..." and he said "many more".

Jack started eating breakfast before I did, so when I sat down, he put his spoon down, placed his hands together and said; "Pay." He was reminding me to pray. Also at breakfast, he said; "egg" and apparently "email" is oatmeal. When he had finished his eggs, he handed me his bowl and said; "kake you Mama" (thank you). Oh, how sweet!

At one point, he pointed to Leesha's door and said; "Leesha" (although the "sh" isn't really an "sh" sound, more of an "s"). I replied that; "Leesha is with her daddy." His response; "Daddy. Dad. Jiffy (Jeffry)."

He brought his flamingo over to me to ask what it was, so I told him. I said it a few times to see if he could get it. He said something like; "Fla-bli-go".

While he was eating lunch, a research company called for what seemed the third time so far today (gotta love Caller ID), so I gave the phone to Jack and whispered; "Say Hello." No response. I tried again; "Say banana." Jack: "Hello banana." Me: "Say bye bye." Jack: "Bye bye."

I just cut his nails, and was counting his fingers as I went. When I got to 6, he counted ahead of me for 7-9.

I wish I knew what he really meant by; "Num on Jesus" (translated: "come on Jesus")

The other day in the car, Jack would say; "Hi Ee-ah" and she would respond with; "Hi Ack". This would then cause both of them to laugh genuinely. Very cute.

Other words: (some likely previously mentioned)
"doo-dy" = dirty
"o-tich" = ostrich
"happo" = hippo
"daa-phine" = dolphin
"tee-o" = seal
Dimon = Simon?
"dower" = shower
"le-pert" = leopard
"bak an por" = back and forth (rocking)
I love you vs. "ah-woo"
"lippers" = slippers
"butt-um" = bottom
"bly-bly"= butterfly

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