Thursday, January 29, 2009

Okay, so the other night, we sit down to dinner, and I asked Jack if he wanted to pray. I led; "Thank you Jesus," "Kake you Jesus"; "For our nummies", "nummies"; "Amen", "Amen". How cute is that?

Today, Leesha went to Bethel University to attend a Young Author's Conference. I think she really enjoyed her day. She has read her new writings to everyone she's seen since. Jack (and I) heard some several times. One was about Jack's hands.

This afternoon, on our way home, Leesha was trying to get Jack to memorize the poem she'd written today. She kept saying; "By Leesha" and Jack kept repeating it. I'm sure he was wondering; "I've said "Bye" so many times, when are you going to leave?" I was just wondering when she was going to leave him alone.

I took both kids to the Dr. yesterday for regular checkups. On the information sheet they gave me, it said Jack should have a vocabulary of 7-20 words. Well, I don't want to brag, BUT ....

When Jeffry gets home now, Jack almost immediately suggests "David .... Gnome" the show the two of them watch bits of when they get the chance. I guess there are Trolls in it which Jack has called puppies.

The other day, we were driving up to get Leesha when Jack declares; "Puppy". I did my usual; "Oh, did you see a puppy somewhere, I didn't see on....." stopping short as I noticed the advertisement for the MN Children's Museum Clifford Exhibit just passing us. Wow, kids are fast.

Last night, I was busy re-installing the carseat in the Jeep, so Jack was in Jeffry's care. Jeffry told him they could watch the Gnome, but he needed to check his email first, then asked if that was okay. Jack agreed, and just to make sure, Jeffry asked again. Jack agreed again. It was like a mini-conversation

Tonight at dinner, I was sharing about how I taught about (King) David today, and Jack agreed heartily with; "David ... Gnome".

"Bly-bly" = butterfly

Today's words:

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