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2008 Newsletter

2008 Newsletter

Jeffry, Cara, Leesha and Jack

473 Granada Ave. N.
Oakdale, MN 55128

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  • Sledding with some members of our Small Group on New Year's Day
  • Jeffry got a new desktop computer
  • Celebrated David's birthday
  • Leesha turned 10 with more celebrations than ever before, including a trip to Underwater World
  • Got an elliptical
  • At 6 months, Jack got his first haircut, then he became mobile!


  • Simon's dedication
  • Cara got her first laptop
  • Leesha's best friend changed schools : >(
  • Time with our friends the Browns and their kids
  • Leesha had her first piano lesson, and got a half day off of school due to the water main breaking
  • Modifications to the kitchen so Cara has an "office"
  • Jeffry and Cara got to go out for a Valentine's Day date
  • Jeffry's work party at a bowling alley
  • arrivals of Tate to the family, and Aria to our friends
  • Cara took Leesha shopping for a new outfit


  • Jeffry fixed the door to our garage
  • Leesha had her friend Ashley over
  • Cara chaperoned Leesha's class' overnight to the MN Zoo during which Jeffry got sick :>(
  • Watched the first two Indiana Jones movies as a family
  • Visit from Steve and Holly
  • Baby shower for Tate

  • Took Leesha and a friend to the Broadway show of High School Musical
  • Finished up the Indiana Jones trilogy
  • Repaired Cara's wedding ring
  • Time biking as a family

  • Jeffry saw Iron Man with a friend
  • Celebrated Mother's Day at Red Lobster
  • Went to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  • Jeffry and Cara went to see comedian Eddie Izzard
  • Enjoyed celebrating Memorial Day with friends
  • Leesha's school picnic
  • Garage sale
  • Leesha got another fish and went to Feed My Starving Children
  • Jack went from crawling to walking
  • Jeffry and Cara celebrated their 3rd anniversary with a date and new digital camera
  • Saw Hulk
  • Outings to Como Zoo, Grand Avenue and the Swedish American Institute
  • Cara worked in lawn care
  • Arrival of Josiah to friends

  • Enjoyed an evening in a tree house with our Small Group
  • Celebrated the 4th of July with friends and family
  • Celebrated our nephew Simon's first birthday during a visit from Steve and Holly
  • Leesha went to see Kit Kitterege, and attained a height of 5 feet, 1 inch (growing 6.5 inches in the two years since we moved)
  • Jeffry and Greg got o go see Ween in concert
  • Cara turned 33
  • Jack turned 1, celebrating with some in-State friends and family

  • Trip to St. Louis, taking in sights like Magic House and the Zoo as well as lots of time with Great Grandparents
  • Celebrated a wedding, another 1st birthday and becoming Godparents
  • Jeffry and Leesha went to see Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • Cara had an accident :>(
  • Toured Grandma Darlene's childhood house in Minneapolis
  • Leesha started 5th grade and joined volleyball, scoring on her first rotation in as server
  • Jeffry started his 3rd year at Monarch, and turned 34 on the same day
  • Jack started saying "Mommy" and "Daddy"
  • Cara demolished the half wall by our front door

  • Leesha got a haircut and her volleyball team took 1st place in their tournament
  • Honda rolled to 100K miles
  • Painted our basement
  • Cara attended the ACSI teacher's conference and worked on the Auction at Leesha's school
  • Jack was dressed up as the Jack of Hearts for Halloween

  • NHCA Auction
  • Leesha's dad moved to a house so she has her own room now
  • Learned that friends in our Small Group are expecting
  • Leesha got to go to High School Musical 3
  • Jeffry got a Eee webbook
  • Jeffry and Cara went to see Quantum of Solace
  • Darlene had a kidney stone that took more to deliver than an 8lb. baby
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving with Cara's parents
  • Cara and Leesha finished reading Prince Caspian
  • Jack got his first pair of "schews" and fell asleep holding one

  • Leesha got to attend Bethel's Festival of Christmas and The Best Christmas Pagent Ever
  • Time with family to celebrate Christmas
  • Surprised Laura Beth from our Small Group by taking her out for her birthday instead of studying Acts
  • Cara had an ultrasound showing that "Toto" looks nice and healthy, shared our impending arrival with friends and family
  • Jeffry got a haircut
  • Cara got to see her friend Anu
  • Jack had an afternoon of vomiting, so we took him to Children's Hospital for the night, then others in the house proceeded to get ill with various illnesses

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