Saturday, February 7, 2009

I realized earlier this evening that Jeffry set up this blog, yet I'm the one blogging. Hmmmm.

Jack has finally learned the word "frog"! Unfortunately, it's coming out as "fog" or another word I shouldn't type ....

The other day, I made him apologize to Leesha for hurting her. Yesterday, the sinus pain got the best of me for a moment and I cried. Jack's response; "Sorry Leesha."

Later, we were at the clinic for an appointment and went in to the bathroom. There was a changing station with the brand name Koala Bear Care. Jack saw it and said; "Koala." And pointed out that the Koala was wearing a "diaper".

He has a Baby Belugah book over at Mom and Dads, so the other day, we found the song on YouTube. Now he wants it sung all the time and is even trying to sing it himself.

Leesha's school has started their Read-A-Thon. Anyone want to sponsor her?

Tonight, Leesha was upset about having to take a bag of garbage out that she'd forgotten. I mentioned that if she had to take that out, she could also take the small bag of plastic bags out to the garage for recycling. She balked about the whole deal, but did it anyway. When she came back inside, she slammed the door shut. I don't know if it didn't close all the way, or what, but she felt it necessary to hit it a second time and broke the glass. I was right nearby at my computer and burst out laughing. Probably less than two hours later I was back at home with a new door. Now we'll have to see if it fits so our house won't be entirely unsecure tomorrow.

Jack just burped and said; "'cue me".

Other Vocab:
"diff'n" = different
"ca-wittews" = critters (stuffed animals)
"'s 'a' noise?" = what's that noise?
Good morning
kitty cat
"punny boy" = funny boy
"Hey-so" = Hazel, our friend's dog
muckers = family word for poop
"wight now" = right now
"e-fin" = elephant

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