Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Little People need to eat too

Jack is playing with his Little People toys. He's got one of his snowmen in the high chair. He just told me; "'No-man nummies." (translated - the snowman is eating) Then he started saying; "'No-man wader." I asked if he wanted to give the snowman some water. He said; "Yeth." So, I pulled one of "his" cups out of "his" drawer in the kitchen and gave it to him. He went over and gave the snowman wader. Another phrase I heard during this; "Good boy. Listener."

Leesha gave me a pink and a red carnation for Valentines day. They were sitting on the table in their vase. Jack was playing with a ball. I heard something in the dining room and Jack came in saying; "Uh oh (or was it "upadee"?) f'ower."

We also hear:
"Big guck" = big truck
"Mail guck"
"'Cool bus" = school bus
"Oh my guinness" = (to get the full effect of that one, put a period between each word)

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