Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Phrase for Thursday afternoon: "Naughty boy" - no idea where he got that idea because he really isn't naughty at all.

Leesha likes to lead Jack in singing "Jesus Loves Me". He's actually not half bad. I'll see if I can get a video of it for Posterities Sake.

Moments ago, Jeffry was on Jack duty and started heading downstairs. I said; "Don't take too long, because we need to get him to bed." Jeffry said we could get Jack off to bed at that point and made to stay upstairs. Jack realized he wasn't going "dow tares" and started to fuss, so Jeffry relented. As they disappeared down the stairs, Jack said; "Kake you Daddy."

We took Jack to the nursery this morning and must not have adjusted him to the idea well enough, because he cried for the first time we can remember. Poor little fellow.

Keeping up with his vocabulary is becoming quite the task ...
Tiger is actually "gi-ger"
"ha gog" = hot dog
"ca-lok" = clock (sounds a lot like "truck")
Moi - the former president of Kenya

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