Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snippets from the depths of the infirm

Jack went and pulled a sweater out of his drawer. I asked him if he wanted to put it on. Once he was wearing it, he went to the side door, then came back to me and said; "Go 'thide" (go outside). I said; "Do you want to go outside?" He said; "Yeth" (his "s's" have a slight lisp to them), so I asked; "Why?" He replied "Rainin'."

After throwing his "Dizzy button" (Staple's Easy Button) at Leesha's head, I told him he needed to go say he was sorry to her. He went to her and said; "Sawwy Leesha." Not that he understood it, but it was cute anyway.

As of today (February 6th) we may have entered the "Age of NO".

Other recent sayings of Jack that are worth mentioning;
"Watch tv?"
"Get you" or "Got you"
"Daddy's shoes on"

"Bulture" = vulture
"t'ash can"
"ga-wuck" = truck
tissue - although yesterday I thought he was calling them "Bless you's"

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