Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh no!

Leesha got her first pair of glasses on Thursday. She's very proud of them and keeps us posted on what she's thinking or realizing about them. Kinda cute.

Jack now tests his bathwater like I do - with my wrist.

Jack is now able to climb out of his crib. What do we do now? We're planning to keep him in the pack-n-play (1/2 inch higher side, and shorter distance to fall) until we get an idea of what "flavor" "Toto" is. We'll go from there. I suppose our choices are; toddler bed, mattress on the floor, covering over the crib or continuing with the pack-n-play. A dilema needless to say.

This afternoon, I was drying my hair, then putting it up in rollers. Jack likes curlers, so he was pulling them out of the bag and trying to hand them to me when he discovered that they stuck to the fleece I was wearing. I had several on my shirt as I worked.

Getting Jack out of bed the other morning, I asked him if he wanted to go see Grandma "Darling" (how my nephew Aaron said "Darlene"). He said; "David Bowie". I replied; "I'm not sure if he's free today."

"Goat-chee tore" = grocery store

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