Monday, February 16, 2009

Snaggle and Cousins

Phrase for the last couple of days; "Kake you ... (Mommy, Daddy)" How sweet. We don't even know what we do most of the time. Perhaps he's just realizing how much we do for him that we don't take notice of anymore.

I went to the chiropractor this morning, then planned to go to the library on the way home. I suggested we try to find the "Baby Belugah" CD while there. Jack was so thoroughly disappointed when the library was closed and I had to put him back in his carseat. Poor little guy.

Later that day, he said something to Jeffry about "dawa" (Kiswahili for medicine, what we call his tylenol), but we just let it go. Then he refused to take a nap - bounced around and chattered in his crib for well over an hour. When we got him up, his cheeks were bright red. Since that's not too unusual for him, and he didn't seem to have a fever, we didn't think anything of it. He also had a diaper rash. As we were getting him ready for bed by brushing his teeth, we noticed what I'll call a "wonky" tooth coming in. I thought he'd cut everything through his first year molars, but he still had a space for one of his incisors. That's where the new one is coming in, and it doesn't look like an incisor. We'll see what grows out.

He's working on sounding out butterfly
buttin = button
woof = wolf
noo-doze = noodles
Ca-pean = Caspian
Ceelyn = Caelyn
Awen = Aaron
Nafin = Nathan
Thimon = Simon
Miff = Smith

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