Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Amusing moment

We suspected Jack needed to "make muckers" before dinner, so I had him sit on the potty and coached him to no avail.
After dinner, he was playing around and I noticed "something" so asked him what he did. He takes off for the bathroom shouting; "I need to go potty." As he's running, the "something" works it's way down the leg of his pajamas, and he starts running like a cowboy. After we get to the bathroom, I have him sit on the potty, and coach him again. This time, he produced!

And, on the other end .... Maggie had rice cereal for the first time. I didn't grind it up very well though.

At dinner, Leesha says to Jack; "Jack, you're the slowest eater in the world." Feeling that that statement is more true of Leesha, Jeffry and I burst out laughing.

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