Friday, December 11, 2009


I finally brought the Christmas books up from the kids library in the basement. Jack has been enjoying looking at them - especially the Peef series we've got. While Jeffry was resting tonight, he was looking at them quietly as I was trying to figure out what Maggie needed. Paging through one, he noted that the boy was eating a sandwich and then decided he wanted a sandwich. So he came and asked me for one. I was trying to find out what kind of sandwich he wanted as I pulled out the bread. At that point, he decided he just wanted bread. Slice in hand, he decided he wanted "dip". Then I was trying to determine what type of "dip" he wanted - ranch, mayo, mustard. He didn't specify, so I gave him some of each. After a few minutes with that, he opened the fridge stating that he wanted the "orange one", which I determined was ketsup. When the bread was gone, he asked for one of the cookies I have cooling on the counter. Apparently, the "dip" did not make the cookie appetizing enough for him to finish.

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