Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More on Jack

Sitting down to breakfast; "Mom, this so yummy." (Mom's heart melts)

Susanna and Abby were over. All four kids had colds. Jack wiped his nose on his sleeve. I told him not to do that and he asked why. So I told him; "Because you just wiped snot all over your sleeve." He then proceeded to go find Susanna and tell her; "Susanna, I just wiped snot all over my sleeve."

Jeffry went in to check on Jack a while after we'd put him to bed. I overhear;
"Dad, where's my flashlight?"
"I don't know. Is that why you're still awake?"

Jack now has what I term "poop time". He'll poop on the potty if left pants-free in his room for a while. If he poops, we'll usually give him a treat. I just put him in his room, told him if he made muckers he'd get a treat before bedtime. He asked; "We watch a show?" As I pondered this, he asked; "Plobly?" (Probably?)

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