Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Big Brothers

Keane is over today waiting for the arrival of his baby sister or brother. He arrived before Jack was up, so he and I went downstairs. I did weights while he played. Maggie woke up before I was done, so I went to get her from the nursery. I noticed Jack was starting to wake up, so left the door open. Keane called me before I'd gotten downstairs, and Jack heard that. We'd told Jack that Keane would be here today, so Jack came around to the gate saying; "What's here?" I asked him who was here, and he said; "Keane!" When the boys saw each other they were very excited. I think Keane did a little dance. Jack decided against the dance due to the fact that he was making his way down the stairs.

Around 10 am, Keane seemed tired, so I put him down for a nap. When I came back out, Jack asked; "Mom, you put Keane away?"

The rest of the day was too busy to write. Korbin arrived safely, and Keane joins the bands of big brothers worldwide.

That was Tuesday ...

Keane is back today (being Wednesday) since children under 5 are not allowed in the hospital.

Sitting down to a snack, Jack demands; "Keane, let's pray." He then says something which I couldn't hear from the kitchen, ending with; "Amen".

This morning, before Maggie had a bath, she was laying on the rug in the nursery. She rolled over, and Jack was commenting on that and snuggling with her. Then he decided she needed her hair combed, so went to get a comb, and proceeded to comb her hair.

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