Friday, December 4, 2009

Defending the fort

Jeffry asked Jack how he slept ... Jack said; "Like this!" and squinted his eyes shut.

Leesha has now read 2 of the Twilight series books. Longest books she's ever read. She sits down and devours them. What a great hobby - reading. I'm so thankful she enjoys it.

Since Jeffry was sick lThursday night, I took the kids out on Friday so he could "belax" (as Leesha used to say) for the day. While Jack and Maggie napped, Leesha, Mom and I made some cookies. We made spritz. Before we started them, Leesha was having fun with the cookie "gun". At one point, I noticed her holding the "gun" and peeking out the window on the front door as though she were looking for "the enemy" and ready to defend us. I don't think she knew I saw her until I said something. Back at home, I put up the garland, and Leesha hung the ornaments.

Maggie now rolls over 180 degrees. Of course, sometimes the compulsion annoys her. We lay her on her back, then she rolls to her tummy and fusses about tummy time. Ah, babies.

On Saturday, we traveled to Wisconsin to visit friends of ours. A good time was had by all. Might have been better if we'd gotten the van, but I can't wait to see what type of vehicle God has in store for us, since it doesn't seem we could do better than the one we tried to purchase.

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