Saturday, December 19, 2009

Memorable moments

During our most recent van test-drive: "Mom, let's pray." Hmmmm.....

After his nap, Jeffry asked him if he dreamed, and what he dreamed about. "I dream about God."

Maggie is using her roll-ability to move towards toys.

Jack was intrigued by the others in the waiting room while the CRV got new tires. They were very tolerant. He also insisted that the tires were "broken" and that's why we got new ones. After driving with the new ones, I realize that the old ones just might have been "broken".

I went to investigate the running water in the bathroom recently. Jack was trying to rinse out a wet wipe he'd used on himself after pooping in the big potty. I'm glad he's got the right idea in cleaning up his own messes. Glad I figured out what he was doing so I could be of assistance.
He's been remarkably good on the potty training front. At certain times of the day, we'll stick the little potty in his room and allow him to run around bare-bummed with the doors closed. Not too long after being left alone, he'll announce; "I made muckers!"

Arriving at Mom and Dads as Dad removed the last traces of snow from their driveway, Jack asked; "Grandpa not lie the snow?"

Leesha has finished reading the Twilight books. I'm sure she is looking forward to some uninterrupted reading time over vacation. She had fun on Sunday when my extended family came over. The kids watched Stuart Little and played Tetris.

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