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2009 Newsletter,,

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This isn't fancy, but it's done, and before the first day of Spring too.

Leesha and Jeffry took the "illness" baton from Jack and started the New Year under the weather.
After announcing our Final Addition/Edition, we learned friends were expecting about a month ahead, and another, a month after us.
Both our furnace and water heater decided to take a short break, but got up and running again.
Leesha and Cara went and saw "The Tale Of Desperaux".
Cara finally pulled out her maternity clothes with a sigh of relief, and later got a haircut.
Leesha was allowed to use the microphone at the Dr.'s office to hear "Toto's" heartbeat before celebrating her birthday at Culver's, attended the Young Author's Conference held at Bethel University, and helped with a "Culture Fair" at school.

Throwing a bit of a tantrum while taking care of her trash chore, Leesha broke the window in our door. Cara burst out laughing. Friends installed the new door the next day. (Thanks Ben, Eric and Jon)
"Raising Sand" CD entered our home on Valentine's Day.
Jack grew a snaggle tooth, and learned how to climb out of his crib.
Ultrasound suggested "Toto" might well be a girl; Grandmothers were thrilled.
Cara got the first ear infection she remembers having.

Jack pooped on the potty!
Our nephew Smith was born!
Cara and Leesha participated in a Global Banquet at NHCA. (If you haven't done one of these, it's a great experience.)
Dog-sat Hazel.

Got a dining room table and chairs off of Craigslist.
Had a visit from Greg and Mandy during which the hole in our wall started to be repaired.
Jeffry and Cara had a date!
Got together with some moms from church at our neighborhood park.
Cara got a pedicure, and later got the basement organized to her liking.
Friends of Leesha's from our old neighborhood came to our house for an overnight.
Project day at the house where we had help with some of our "fixit" projects.

Leesha was recognized for playing volleyball at the NHCA Sports Awards ceremony, and had various roles in "Esther-ordinary Faith".
Jeffry had an accident at work, and thus some unplanned time off; he used some of that time to clean out our gutters.
Lost finale with friends.
Helped other friends with refurbishing their "new" old house.
Celebrated Memorial Day with family and friends.
Jack tumbled down the stairs.

Lots of cleaning and nesting.
Celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. For our anniversary, we actually had a sitter and were able to go to dinner and a movie. (Thanks Jeanelle)
Visit from the Macky's and ensuing outings which Cara opted out of for fear of labor.
Cara attempted painting our plastic bathroom tiles. The paint didn't take.
Ultrasound confirms a girl with Grandma and Auntie Caryn there for the showing.
Friends welcome a baby girl.
Cara mourned for friends who lost their 8 month old daughter.
We all mourned the loss of Great Grandpa Smith.

Jack gave up on chatting under the door, and learned how to put himself to bed.
Got an apartment ready for Craig and family during their furlough.
The 9th, one week after the due date, we were at the hospital by 8am, measuring 6cm without much discomfort at all. We got the kids sent off with grandparents, took a walk, and then Cara's water was broken at 10:05am. 1 hour, 42 minutes and 2 pushes later, Margaret Mae Willis arrived squalling unlike our placid Jack. She was 8lbs. 2oz. and 20.1 inches.
Cara survived the two nights in the hospital despite really missing the rest of the family.
Tracy, Nathaniel and Aaron arrived from Kenya on the 9th as well, Craig followed later.
Trip with Nathaniel and Aaron to Como Zoo.
Sorley family reunion at Grandpa Sorley's old cabin during which Jack fell in the lake and Cara celebrated her birthday with everyone for the first time in a long while.
Anderson family reunion here in the cities - only 2 cousins were missing from the gathering.
Friends baby arrived on Jack's 2nd birthday.

Maggie got water up her nose during a bath.
Cara survived a trip to the dentist with all three kids.
Dogsat Hazel.
Jeffry and Cara repaired the garage door.
We made the difficult decision to move Leesha to the local schools and eliminate the 2 hours of daily commuting to NHCA. We went bowling with her friends from NHCA so she could say goodbye.
Leesha got to go to the State Fair and was also at a Wells Fargo branch with her dad during a robbery.

Celebrated Jeffry's birthday at Dino's.
Visit from Great Grandma Smith and Grandma and Grandpa Willis.
Leesha started school at Skyview, and went to an NHCA volleyball game.
Cara made the unintelligent decision to take both babies to the Dr. for shots on the same day.
After what seemed an eternity, Cara went back to work.
Visit from Marji, Ron and Nancy Sorley.
Dogsat Hazel.

Leesha had a sick day, her first school party and got great comments from her teachers during conferences.
Maggie started going to the church nursery.
High Tea for Grandpa David before he took off for India again.
Went to "Where the Wild Things Are".
Trick-or-Treating with Craig and Family. This years costume: a hand-me-down from Leesha - Jack o'lantern.

Cara undertook the overwhelming task of cleaning Leesha's room.
We babysat for most members of our Small Group so they could go out on dates.
Had neighbors over for dessert.
Maggie learned to roll over.
Leesha went to "New Moon" with friends from Church.
Celebrated Thanksgiving with friends and family.

Maggie started "solids".
Jack got sick.
Leesha visited NHCA.
We went and visited friends in Altoona, WI, and then Jeffry and Jack took a day trip down to Farmington to hang out with friends.
Purchased new tires for our CRV.
We got a van! Finally settling on a meticulously maintained Honda Odyssey with 160K in miles.
Hosted the Anderson family Christmas dessert.
Due to sick babies and adverse weather, a very low key Christmas day at home.

There it is; our year in a nutshell.

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