Sunday, March 14, 2010

The humor of our lives

Jack came up to me; "Mom, there's something in my nose."
"What's in your nose?" as I try to take a look.
"No, I need to sneak it out." and off he runs.

Earlier, I'd given him a banana. He likes to peel them himself, so I just cut the ends off and gave him the banana. He peeled it and started to eat it. Next thing I know, he's slipped. I didn't see it myself, part of the banana peel was still on the floor. Did he slip on it?

At the mall, I told him to eat his orange. His response; "No, I just singing a little bit right now." (or something very similar to that).

Instructed; "Don't move." during time out, Jack soon states; "Dad, I just move my feet so Leesha can get out."

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