Thursday, March 11, 2010

2nd post for the day - amazing!

Frustrated at not losing weight very fast, and deciding to challenge myself, I declared that our house would go meatless for March. I'm also trying to do less baked/mostly flour desserts. I served Jell-o for tonight. Jack called it "bill-a-bo" instead.

Walking around Menards; "What a wonderful place!"

Leesha has a friend whose name sounds like "Mew-tee-ah" Jack insists her name is tortilla.

I had Jack clean up in the basement, and when he was done, he and Jeffry brought up some of his night time diapers. There is a number 6 on the back (indicating his size). Jeffry has sowed him in the past that if they are upside down, it makes a 9. So, as Jack was helping me stack them to put in the drawer, he states; "If it dos (do with an 's' on the end) like this, it turns number 4!"

After brushing his teeth; "You know why I like him?" "Why." "That's why 'cause he's great!" I can only assume he was referring to "Li'l Fella" whom Jeffry has posted about previously.

Maggie cut her second tooth on Tuesday, when she turned 8 months. On Monday and Tuesday, she was crawling around saying; "Mamamamama."

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