Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First in a while

It is a fine Spring day up here in "t' nort'" (the later said with a Scandanavian accent)

Now, a little back story ....

A while ago, one of Jeffry's co-workers gave him some trucks for Jack. The trucks were rolling around in the back of the CRV until last night when Jeffry put them in the strip of yard between the garage and house. Leaving for our family walk after dinner, Jack saw them and was successfully steered towards the walk. When we got back home, it was almost bedtime and too dark to play, so Jack "parked" all the trucks very nicely on the sidewalk between the house and garage. He said something cute about this, but Jeffry will have to record that because I wasn't there.

Now for this morning ...

I waited (and waited, it seemed) for Jack to wake up this morning before exercising to and from the grocery store for a few things.

Upon our return, Jack noted the trucks and wanted to play with them. I told him he needed to finish his lima beans before he could play outside. So, he worked on the limas and even ate some cereal then jumped up asking; "Now can I go outside and play?!" with all the joy and enthusiasm you can imagine.

So, after months indoors, our little guy finally gets to play outside again today!

He came inside the house periodically. At one point, he came in and said; "Let's pray about the boxelders." then places his hands together.

Oh the tears when I had him come in!

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