Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The kids

Did I mention Maggie cut a tooth on Feb. 20th? I think we could easily call her "Elasti-gums" for it seemed an eternity before it cut, and the second hasn't cut yet - well, not as of yesterday anyhow. Fortunately, she isn't too upset by the teething process.
She is also eating cereal - real, adult cereal. It's so cute to watch her chase them around her tray then finally get one into her mouth where she "chews" it up.
She is also pulling herself up on things.

Jack has developed a bit of a mean streak with her, and not all intentional. If she's on the floor where he wants to drive his little truck, she gets run over. If she is sitting, and he thinks she wants to crawl, he'll push her over. He tries to pick her up. And, the usual; "It's MY toy!" attitude about any and all toys in the house.
He still has some loving moments too, which melt our hearts.

The other day, he came to me saying; "Mom, here's a corduroy. A money. A penny for my piggy bank. Can I have my ark?" Grandma Holly's work gave him an engraved Ark bank which has some money in it. I think he must have thought he found a quarter and decided it was called a corduroy.

This morning, I was informed that; "Jesus rose from the dad." And later; " I don' wan' (or was it like) you to go." referring to my heading to work. Awwww...... I finally get a comment like that because usually in the morning he'll ask me where Daddy is. When I tell him that Dad's at work, he vehemently denies it. He does accept that Leesha is at school though.

Apparently, he's learned the association of yawning and being tired, because he informed Jeffry the other night, "Dad, I'm almost tired. I just yawned."

One morning when Jeffry was making coffee, he asked Jack if he liked coffee. Jack's response: "No. I like milk and orange juice."

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