Friday, March 19, 2010

the kiddos

On Tuesday, I took the kids to Small Group. Jack pulled out the pair of 3D glasses that he's had in the car. He called them "Nerf glasses" instead of "Nerd glasses."

On Saturday, after we left "Uncle Eric's" birthday party, we stopped at Mom and Dad's to get a blender and a cake. Jack was talking about the birthday party and said; "Hafty Burfday'. Now, we'll see if we actually sing "Hafty Burfday" when it's people's half birthdays.

Maggie scared Mom and Dad by almost choking. Once she settled down and went to sleep, Jack took a tumble on their stairs. Then later, back at home, Jack was spinning and fell, giving himself another fat lip. Can't wait to see what he looks like this morning.

On the way to Mom and Dad's yesterday, Jack was singing in the van; "Pajamas. Pajamas. Pajamas."

He's also really taken with the word "Why?" We'll tell him something, and his pretty immediate response is; "Why?" even if "why" doesn't apply to what was said. For example; "Jack, here's a spoon of peanut butter." "Why." (It confounds me almost daily.) And since I mentioned peanut butter, he had a spoon of it yesterday, but mistakenly called it a "'Poon of speanut butter."

Out of the blue, Jack states; "Grandma has a bum knee." Since I didn't respond immediately, he tried again; "Mom, Grandma has a bum knee." This apparently after he wanted Grandma to sit on the bathroom floor and read to him. She told him she didn't want to get down on the floor because of her "bum knee".

Maggie likes to pull her hair when she's tired. Her bald spot on the back of her head is no longer bald, but I'm wondering if I should worry about the sides of her head now .....
She's gotten very good at pulling herself into a standing position. Funny how that's such a compulsion for babies. The other day, she pulled herself up on the Little People Farm, then went head-first over it. She'll get up on all fours, but I've yet to see her actually crawl on all fours.
Since she's a thumb sucker, we're trying to cover her hands at night to discourage the thumb sucking (even though it's so cute). A few nights, I was too tired to deal with her fussing, and let her have her thumb. I wish she were attached to the lovie with the thumb sucking since Leesha stopped sucking her thumb when she "lost" her blanket.

Maggie has a very uncanny ability to know exactly when we're dropping off to sleep and starts to fuss at night. She also loves to play with jack's potty and is hell-bent on getting the toilet brush.

Wednesday night, she thought it was "wakers" time at 11:30 pm. I sat up with her for 40 minutes or so, then tried putting her back to bed. No go. So (very frustated by this point) I tuned on the bright light, and sat her on the kitchen floor for a bowl of cereal. She blinked at the light and grinned at me which sent a shot of guilt right through me.

Leesha has signed up for Track. Strange since she hates running, but I guess when peers become so important, you'll do strange things. Glad that it's something appropriate and active at this point.

Today, she brought home a "B Honor Roll" certificate. I told her to put it on the fridge but noted it had not replaced the "A Honor Roll" certificate from 1st trimester.

On Friday, she came home crying because she'd had her first fight with a friend in a long time. Glad I only vaguely remember those days.

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